Silverdale Solicitors


Ikrha joined Silverdale Solicitors in August 2017 as a Trainee Paralegal.  She commenced studying at the Cilex law school in order to qualify as a Paralegal  specialising in property law.

Ikrha is expected to qualify as a paralegal in April 2020. Her work involves the full sale/purchase process including responding to title queries, contract negotiation, and conveyancing.  Ikrha is experienced in working to clients’ particular requirements in terms of service delivery and reporting, and has assisted in fine-tuning such processes and updating them as required, in order to ensure complete client satisfaction.

Ikrha has gained experience in supporting property finance transactions, drafting standard banking documentation, liaising with borrowers’ solicitors, and dealing with Companies House formalities.  She also assists senior associate and partners in the property team in the Manchester offices and assists with Land Registration requirements.

Likes: Reading

Dislikes: Gossiping

Quotes: The greatest wealth is to live content with little.  “Plato”

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